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Our Zodiac Birthday Cards are a more personalized way to say "Happy Birthday" to the special people in your life. Buy any 6 cards and receive a 20% discount!  Show your appreciation for them and save money at the same time!
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Birthday card featuring the Aries constellation.

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In sun-sign astrology, your zodiac sign is most compatible with other signs of the same element and one other.
  • Fire signs are most compatible with fire and air
  • Earth signs are most compatible with earth and water
  • Air signs are most compatible with air and fire
  • Water signs are most compatible with water and earth
If you're unsure of what to get, buy one of each sign you are most compatible with! Odds are there's a special person out there with that sign just waiting to meet you. Here's a chart for easy reference:

A chart displaying zodiac compatibility.

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My kids loved their birthday cards!

I bought these for my little ones and now they're obsessed with looking at the night sky trying to find the constellations that match their sign. They even use these cards as a reference for what to look for!


Anna Lou

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Great for any lover of astrology!

My girlfriend is one of those women who wouldn't even think of dating me unless our signs were compatible to begin with. Needless to say, she loved this one. Thanks, Aura!


Mario C.

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Writing inspiration!

I'm really bad at thinking of what to write in birthday cards, but this one gave me the idea to adapt my friend's horoscope for the day into the message along with some personal notes from me. Worked a treat!

Patino Robot

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it has quickly become my go-to device for relaxation. I highly recommend this product to anyone

Reshawn S.

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The massaging action feels like a professional hand massage, and the ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit.

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