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Home Away From Home Transparent Sticker

Home Away From Home Transparent Sticker

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  2" × 2"
Width, cm 5.08
Height, cm 5.08
Depth, cm 0.01

Humans as a species crave novelty, so who can stay cooped up in just one location for long? Not us! That's why we thought you'd love the chance to remind yourself of your little oasis out in the world or decorate your little getaway, whether it be an RV, a cabin, or anything else! (Maybe not a cave, though; might want to talk to your Airbnb host about that one...)

These die-cut, transparent stickers perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to their water-resistant vinyl construction, they can maintain their looks & colours, even against the elements. Great for customizing laptops, cars, motorcycles & so much more.


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